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Vivelle in Austria is an oral contraceptive and acne medicine active ingredients: ethinylestradiol, norgestimate. The two different medicines with the same name not only have different purposes, but they can also have very different side effects.

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out the dangers for American travelers overseas who get medical prescriptions filled in a foreign country. The Journal cited the true story of an American who got a prescription for his Dilacor hypertension medication filled in Serbia. The Serbian Dialcor, despite its identical name, is not the same drug at all.

It is intended for congestive heart failure and has a different ingredient than the US version. The man survived the mix-up, but his case illustrates the hazard of identical drug names with very different ingredients. Apparently, there is no international body responsible for helping people avoid the dangers of different drugs with the same brand name. Talk about confusing!

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And that is just one drug. Unavailable Drugs Another, only slightly less serious concern is the fact that some drugs may not be available at all, under any name. I had this experience myself. I showed the German pharmacist the rash on my leg, and asked him if he had something that might help. He sold me a tube of ointment that worked so well, I later tried to find it in the US. Aspercreme contains trolamine salicylate, but no aspirin! The only way I can get that medication is to buy it in Germany.

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He was a pretty friendly guy till he saw I was taking pictures :Hap We then headed for Palouse falls via Numaker road. Great Dogs Bob, and we had a nice covered area for lunch.

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