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The factories where Ipca makes the medications have been under an import alert from the U. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were first approved in the U. On Saturday, Trump tweeted a link to a small French study of 26 people infected with coronavirus which found six patients cleared the virus from their body when hydroxychloroquine was administered along with an antibiotic.

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Hydroxychloroquine is being snapped up by medical systems at more than twice the typical pace as U. At one facility in central India, now permitted to ship the main ingredient of the two chloroquine drugs to the U.

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At another facility where finished tablets are made, inspectors found data meant to decide quality-control tests mysteriously deleted. Workers at the manufacturing plant had ignored signs that drugs made there may contain impurities -- similar to warning signs ignored by a Chinese drug manufacturer that set off a global recall of millions of heart pills starting in The impurities in the drugs made in China turned out to be probable carcinogens.

Are you looking for a stock? Try one of these. News Video. The writer may or may not hold investments in the companies under discussion. Versarien provides an update on their progress in China. John Meyer talks about Commodities and the Markets. Morning View. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Metals production is resuming rapidly, with alumina producers in Shandong province are reportedly back producing at normal levels.

The new risk to the Chinese economy is disruptions to external trade as the virus begins to peak in various European countries, causing downstream demand for Chinese metal products to plummet. This is a view shared by analysts at ING, who maintain the view that the metals market 'has yet to hit bottom'. This is in part driven by the supply growth of metals not slowing to mirror the sharp fall in demand. Another consequence of the mismatch between supply and demand is that LME base metals inventories have steadily risen as the virus has spread throughout the world.

Last week, LME copper inventories were at almost ,t, up from less than ,t in mid-January. Similarly, nickel inventories climbed from ,t at the start of January to ,t at the end of February Small Caps.

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Expect deeper economic impact than but with rapid recovery as economies return to normal The developing economic crisis looks like a rerun of though it has much greater and wide ranging impact. The Coronavirus has the potential to suspend every manufacturing plant and office in the world as the virus works its way through the population.

Governments are slowing the spread of the virus so as to allow their healthcare systems to catch up but this risks more problems with the economy. Saving lives is the precedent and politicians want to show that they care but policymakers also recognise the devastating impact of economic crisis.

China called it a day after fighting the disease after about weeks. China claims no new Coronavirus cases but many suspect that this is not really true and is part of their justification for rebooting economic growth. While Wuhan is recovering from the crisis movement is still restricted and many other states are still working to contain virus spread.

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Business and investors want to get consumption and production back to normal ASAP while not seeming unsympathetic to the emotional impact of the crisis. We Expect this phase of the Coronavirus pandemic will be over in weeks in the UK New drugs for treating the Coronavirus are being identified: Japanese drug favipiravir, which is already approved is effective. Remdesivir an experimental Ebola drug may also work but is not approved. The first Covid vaccine in China is expected to be ready for clinical trials at end April.

China says chloroquine has lethal side effects if dose is accidentally doubled. Other vaccines are already being trialled and will be fast tracked for approval If the coronavirus spreads faster than the NHS can manage, which is probably inevitable, then there will be greater casualties but maybe a shorter epidemic in the UK.

Government action should limit the economic consequences and companies which are loyal to their staff should recover faster as the nation returns to a new normal. We hope a number of vaccines and treatments will be available to limit the impact of any second potential wave of the virus as was seen with the Spanish flu H1N1. New York Stock Exchange floor closed as traders test positive for Coronavirus While many in the US are taking the virus seriously there are many more who are not.

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We suspect the US will have a tough time of this due to obesity and other health issues. The deadline is uncertain with preliminary estimates pointing to an eight week period. The virus infected Californians and killed 16 people as of March 8. Amazon coronavirus case shuts down NY delivery station for deep clean The situation highlights the logistical impact of coronavirus cases in supply chains.

Expect to see substantially more disruption as more cases develop. Yields on government debt dropped and continued to slide this morning with two year gilt yields back in the negative territory. Expectations building up for the Chancellor to announce another stimulus package to help companies retain stuff through the crisis.

The nation imposed the lockdown on March 12 shutting down most businesses, banning public gatherings and urging people to stay at home. Spain and France implemented severe restrictions on March 16 and 17, respectively. Shameful bosses at Aviemore Coylumbridge Hotel fire staff and withdraw their accommodation The Aviemore Coyumbridge Hotel has fired its staff and chucked them out of their accommodation yesterday due to the Coronavirus situation.

Sacking staff in a time of crisis is shameful, deducting holidays pro-rata but kicking them out of their accommodation with no warning reaches a new low. Recent volatility in the gold price has been driven by liquidations across all assets, and the mass sell-off of gold has been used to raise cash to cover loses in other asset classes. The World Gold Council believe that although the gold price has experienced high levels of volatility in recent months, sustained high-risk levels, negative real rates and the plethora of financial stimulus will be supportive of gold as a safe haven asset.

Furthermore, similarities can be drawn between the financial crisis and now regarding the recent pullback in gold. Gold experienced pullbacks at the onset of the last financial crisis, but by the end of the year became one of the few assets to post positive returns. Gold ETFs The fall in stockpiles is evidence that metals demand in China is gradually picking up as the virus is contained.

Despite maintaining production at its primary metals plant, Hydro has cut output at several of its facilities which produce aluminium products for downstream industry. So far this week news outlets have reported GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Tesla, Bentley and Volvo among others have either cut or halted production at factories.

The lockdown orders issued by six Bay Area counties are in place until the 7th of April but could continue beyond that date Yahoo. Tesla is also closing their solar energy facility in Buffalo, with workers at both factories on paid leave from Monday.

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Operations at it Nevada factory will continue as normal Reuters.